Come Worship With Us!

As we continue to worship in our Sanctuary we need to remind you of some very important issues.

1- Please understand if you do not feel that you are ready to come into a area with other folks present then by all means do not feel pressured in any way to join us this Sunday. We will continue to live stream our services for those who are not comfortable just yet.

2- – On 10/4/20 We will resume our regular scheduled services. Sunday School @ 10, Worship & Children church services @ 11, Sunday Evening @ 6, & Wed @ 7.

3- We are running the van at this time, however, due to the social distance guidelines we are requiring a mask.

4- Families need to sit together and maintain a six-feet distance with others.

5- We are sincerely asking you to maintain social distancing before, during, and after the service, with no physical contact with others.

6- Anyone who has a fever or who is not feeling well please do not attend.

7- Please put your tithes and offerings in the container located at the back of the sanctuary. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and your generosity!

8-No bulletins will be distributed at this time. Announcements and worship songs will be on the screen.

9- We have placed hand sanitizer in strategic locations throughout our facilities. Vigorous hand washing with soap in our restrooms is strongly encouraged.

10- Wearing masks are optional. We have some disposable ones on the way.

Please understand that you have a first amendment right to join us to worship our Lord collectively, and we will do all we can to provide a safe and healthy environment. We are not liable for any sickness that may occur due to you being in any of our services. Folks with strong feelings are on both sides of this issue. Obviously, some may think we are going too far with these guidelines while others may feel we are not going far enough. We are asking that you please honor and respect the feelings of others. Our prayer is that this will unite our church family and not divide us. It is very important that we stand together and support and love one another during this time!